The Chinese Cultural Learning Center Offerings for English Speakers
-each phrase with Chinese characters, pronunciation (in pinyin), and both literal English and colloquial English translations:
Chinese Language
Learning Chinese Characters
Selected Children's Stories

Chinese-English bilingual Eduation Stories -- a set of 15 stories, complete with sound, is available in CD format. You may see two sample stories at Great Wall Art. CD can be purchased at the same site.
Chinese Literature

Modern Chinese Prose Classical Chinese Prose Classical Chinese Poetry
('Ci' - type of poetry: long and short words alternating)

Li Qingzhao Classical Chinese Poetry
('Shi' - type of poetry)

Chinese Philosophy
Taoist Classics

Lu Yan

Zhuang Zi

Lao Zi (Dao De Jing)

The Classic of Changes (Yi Jing)

Chinese Culture

Other Chinese Cultural Web Sites

This site was created by Dr. Chong and one of his long-time students, Catherine Carey. nbsp;Much of the graphics scanning, table code, and all of the frames coding has been done by the 2 younger generations of the Chong family: Dr. Chong's son, Ping "Pete"; and grandson, Hermann.

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