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Welcome to Barney
Gonzaga University's Student Server

Welcome to Gonzaga's student server. This server stores student files, mail, and web pages. Additionally some faculty web pages, student organization pages, and student account tools are available here.

Please use the above links to access the rest of the electronic resources available to students. If you need a Zagnet account, which allows you to log into student resources on the Gonzaga network, go to College Hall room 016. Accounts are available 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm Monday through Friday. Zagnet accounts are available to any student or employee at Gonzaga University. Clubs or other official organizations can also get a Zagnet account by request. Links to tools and information are available below.

Barney FAQ

How do I copy files to Barney?
The two main methods that are available to oncampus users are mapping a network drive and using WinSCP. Offcampus users must use WinSCP. Documentation describing how to set up a mapped drive is available here and WinSCP information is available here.

How can I tell how much space I am using?
I recieved a quota warning, how do I know if I have cleared enough space?

Use the tool here to check how much space your account is currently using.

Where can I find information on creating web pages on Barney
go here for instructions

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